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Prof. Xiaohong Fang
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  Prof. Xiaohong Fang 
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Xiaohong Fang received her B. S. degree in chemistry from Wuhan University in 1990 and obtained her M. S. and Ph. D. degrees from Peking University in 1993 and 1996, respectively. She went to University of Waterloo, Canada, in 1997 and did a one-year postdoctoral work there. During 1998-2001, she worked as a research assoicate at Chemistry Department and Center for Research at Bio/nano Interface at University of Florida, USA. She was appointed as a chemistry professor in the Institute of Chemistry in December of 2001. She has been working in the field of bioanalytical and biophysical analysis and has over 110 publications in the well-known international journals.

Academic and Professional Awards:


The State Council Allowance, 2010

Award for Distinguished Contribution, All-China Federation of
Returned Overseas Chinese, 2010

Distinguished Young Scientists Award, China Association for Instrumental Analysis, 2008

National Distinguished Scholars in the New Century, 2006

Distinguished Women Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2005.

Distinguished Young Scientists Award , Chinese Chemical Society, 2003

Chinese National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Chinese National Science Foundation, 2002.



Research interest:

    The development and application of advanced bioanalytical and biophysical technologies and methodologies for the analysis of biologically important compounds and for the study of biomolecular interaction and reaction at the single molecule level. These include:
    (1) Single molecule Imaging and monitoring in living cell
    (2) Biomolecule characterization and interaction study by SPM
    (3) Nanobiosenor development
    (4) Novel molecular probes for protein recognition and real-time detection
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