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Prof. Jin-Song Hu
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Jin-Song Hu

Ph. D, Professor of Chemistry


Institute of Chemistry

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Beijing 100190, P. R. China

Tel/Fax: 86-10-62557908;

Group website: 

Prof. Jin-Song Hu received his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry in 2005 at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS) under the supervision of Prof. Chun-Li Bai and Prof. Li-Jun Wan, and then joined in ICCAS as an Assistant Professor working in the rational design and preparation of functional nanomaterials for the applications in energy storage and conversion, and environmental remediation. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007. Prof. Hu visited Professor's Shuit-Tong Lee's group in City University of Hong Kong in the end of 2007. Since June 2008 to June 2011, he worked in Professor Charles M. Lieber's group at Harvard University as a Research Associate. Then, he moved back to China as a Full Professor at the CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology, ICCAS. He currently works in the low-cost thin film solar cells, including quantum-dot sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells etc.; fuel cells; and microbial fuel cells. Hu has authored/co-authored more than 70 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals, including Nat. Commun., PNAS, JACS, Angew. Chem., Adv. Mater. etc., and more than 10 patents, with a total citation of over 7000 times.

Research Interests:

1) Nanomaterials for solar conversion and photovoltaic nanodevices

2) Bio- and bioinspired energy conversion system

3) Functional nanomaterials & Nanodevices for biological applications

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